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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

We are indeed experiencing a business inflection point. I've seen this happen once before -- in 1992. That inflection had more real drama than than this one but I expect the current events will also be remembered far in the future.

Consider this unusual set of circumstances.

As noted previously, we posted career opportunities for two new employees, one clerical and the other in sales. Traditionally, the clerical work is the easiest position to fill -- finding a suitable sales representative, however, can be like finding a needle in the haystack.

Our screening process nevertheless narrowed down two finalists for the clerical opportunity. One came in for work on Monday, but at day's end, my intuition sent out strong warning signals.

The second candidate was supposed to come in for the work-test today. She didn't show.

So after our current administrative person leaves today, we are going to have no one in the office -- for a while. I am reposting the administrative position, redefining it somewhat, and will ultimately find the right candidate.

Meanwhile, we are in an interesting situation where two very qualified individuals have applied for the sales opportunity. Both took an online sales test, and both scored in the highest percentage responses, something I've never seen since I started using the test about two years ago. I describe the test in our bi-weekly electronic newsletter. If you aren't already a subscriber, you can start your free subscription through this weblink.

It is rare to find one competent and talented salesperson when placing a recruitment ad -- the fact that we have a competition with two truly capable representatives is indeed beyond the odds of probability.

Another inflection point signal: I opened today's mail and discovered two substantial mid-four-figure cheques, representing royalties from Canada's photocophy rights agency. We earned this money by filling in a simple form; the wonderful thing, is the money will come in like clockwork this time each year from here on in -- with no additional work required. It is income that feels like it comes from a fantasy world.

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