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Monday, January 29, 2007

The sales test

We evaluated two candiates for the sales opportunity today. The paid three hour assignment (at $18.00 per hour topped up with commissions if they sold enough) worked for both candidates; they will receive more than $18 per hour for their test.

We won't hire either of them permanently. We evaluated other elements besides actual performance -- including their ability to set their own achievements and results. We also considered the scores of the online sales test. Business-wise this recruitment/interviewing system has real advantages. We will make a profit on the 'interview time' and the candidates, even though they won't get a permanent job with us, probably will find we are one of the few businesses in the world that actually PAY candidates for the interview.

Best of all, we now have a benchmark for measuring other candidates. We know how well two candidates who are not natural salespeople did; so when we give the same assignment to the person (people) we really wish to hire, we will achieve a good business volume and the lucky candidates will certainly be paid very well for their interview/testing time.

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