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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Discovering a potentially effective website marketing template

Grant Harris of communicated with me by email yesterday. He asked for his email to be "off the record" so I cannot discuss its content, but, with his identity verified, I Googled Harris's name and arrived at the PM Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine website, and this fascinating article about Don Paz's success as a 24-year-old entrepreneur in running DrainPro Plumbing in Phoenix.

The article, relating to the "Truck of the month" (I won't reproduce it here as I haven't received copyright permission yet), observes:

At such a young age, Paz is enjoying his role as entrepreneur. But he understood early on that a successful business needs a solid marketing team. He found a proper promoter at, a niche advertising agency that offers strategies to plumbing businesses around the world.

“If we didn’t have them, I don’t know what we’d do,” Paz tells me. Through his exclusive relationship with Plumber Marketing and its rep Grant Harris — who Paz calls “a machine” — DrainPro is able to compete with much larger and established drain cleaning companies in its area.

Plumber Marketing handled Paz’s complete marketing package: from truck wrapping to logo branding to the company’s professional Web site. “They’ve made us look like a million-dollar franchise, when in actuality it’s a small but growing family-owned operation,” Paz says.
I visited the DrainPro Plumbing's website. Notice the distinct template similarities to, including the moving imagery, the video testimonials, and the like.

You may also wish to review the feature we produced for Multi-Drain Inc. in Ottawa.

The editorial feature in Ottawa Construction News, Building a thriving business by understanding the space underneath, (which did not require any financial investment from Multi-Drain), shows how the business has grown to be a successful enterprise here.

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