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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another positive review for Construction Marketing Ideas

Today, I really received a surprise in opening my email.  London, England construction marketer and consultant Chis Ashworth wrote in his Competitive Advantage Newsletter:

Mark Buckshon is a journalist who publishes regional construction industry publications in the US and Canadian market. He is also a prolific Blogger.

Construction Marketing Ideas has been written for the North American Architectural, Engineering or Construction (AEC) business, but has much of relevance to those same companies in the UK. If you are not in this group it is still well worth a read as it contains plenty of useful ideas.

Many of his suggestions have been drawn from a few key businesses that he has got to know and all are practical. He also provides a number of useful references for further reading. The first half of the book sets out the foundations for an effective business, covering subjects such as brand, identifying strengths, customer relationships and the business plan. Then he moves on to make practical suggestions for promoting your business. For those who are not in small AEC companies, his views on the use of digital media will probably be most useful as they are based on practical experience.

Although there are a number of references to US organisations it is an easy book to read and contributes to a very small library of specialist construction marketing books.
This review is truly a wonderful surprise, because I didn't send the reviewer a review copy -- he purchased the book, like anyone else!

(The book naturally is written primarily for readers in the U.S. and Canadian market so indeed it focuses on organizations such as The Society for Marketing Professional Services which are relevant more on this side of the pond.)

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