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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A moment in memories

Today, I briefly stood outside the Bulawayo Chronicle offices.  Looking into the old building (it was old when I worked there in 1979-80), I could see it hasn't changed much, if at all.  I didn't have a camera, but this is a picture from Flickr.

I briefly thought of walking in the doors, then decided that no tourist would have reason to visit a newspaper office.  Sure, I worked there, then, but I don't now.

I returned to the rental car and headed back to Victoria Falls.  This time, knowing the road and car better, I completed the trip much more rapidly, in about four hours.

Can we return to our memories?  The 32-year-old events which bring me here are seared in my memory; but they are directly relevant only to a small group of peers, some of whom have died and others who have dispersed elsewhere in the world.

Nevertheless, the choices I made then define my life today.  The choices we all make when we are young shape our directions, of course.

Despite change, some things remain the same.  The old Victoria Falls Hotel, which I reported on two days ago, is much like it would have been decades ago.  The Chronicle building looks like it looked when I worked there.

Much is different, though.  Although I recognized some aspects of the streetscapes in both Bulawayo and Victoria Falls, the communities have changed.  There are new buildings and new values.

Of course, the great Victoria Falls remain the way they have been since before recorded human history.

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