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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Testing assumptions: A different approach to construction marketing

Readers here may find it ironic that, while most of our business revenue is from advertising, I do not blindly or assertively encourage anyone in the construction industry to rush out and solve their marketing problems through advertising.  Nor do I think you gain much value by trying this marketing fad or that, purchasing one marketing book or another (even mine!)

Certainly you can spend a small fortune on consulting, advice, and resources.  This money can be well spent, if, in exchange for your serious financial commitment, you also commit to fully practice the consultant's advice.  You cannot, however, simply wave your magic wand and expect instant and dramatic results.

Fair enough.  Are are their routes to real success?  I'll suggest these options. Note they aren't instant magic solutions, but you can find the resources you need with this advice.

Residential contractors

Call Mike Jeffries. If you don't want to spend money initially, consider his special program in conjunction with Michael Stone.

See this note in Michael Stone's recent newsletter:

Mike Jeffries returns this month with a new webinar, "Marketing Success Made Simple". He'll be presenting it twice, the evening of October 16 and the morning/afternoon of October 18. For more details on the webinar and to register, click here
Mike will be revealing many successful strategies and tactics on lead generation that his clients have implemented successfully. Many of you took part in Mike's Contractor’s Closing Success Formula last winter, and he's coming out with a new version of that in October (check it out here). He's agreed to provide our clients with this free webinar first. 
But here's the secret behind the webinar. You won’t get any benefit by registering. You only benefit by attending. So register, then mark it on your calendar and don’t let anything get in the way. Plan to login 30 minutes early. That way if you run into any problems connecting, you still have time to work it out. Spend the extra time reading a book or clearing your desk, and be ready to start on time. Mike Jeffries hits the ground running, you want to be ready when he starts.

Architects, engineers and non-residential contractors

Check out the Society for Marketing Professional Services (  If you are in a major U.S. city (or Toronto) you will find a local chapter.  SMPS is a somewhat misnamed association.  It should stand for "Society for Marketing Architectural, Engineering and Construction Services." You can access an incredible wealth of resources, plus network among others with similar challenges.  

Wait, you may wonder. . . .  I've just referred you to two other services, even though if you check the website, you'll see information about my own books, plus some direct consulting and speaking services.  Why would I send you away to other organizations and consultants?

The answer to that question is simple. I've grown to respect SMPS as an organization and Mike Jeffries as an individual -- and know in both cases, you will discover useful answers and resources  and begin to build a strategic approach to real construction marketing success.

Meanwhile, quite a few people will purchase my construction marketing books (thanks!) and our advertisers -- the businesses and organizations which choose to promote their businesses and services in our regional and national publications and websites -- will always know they will receive real value for their money. 

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