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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Busy, busy . . .

We are now in the enviable (and challenging) business circumstance where rapid growth is likely. The first of our two new salespeople has been working just more than a week, and has sold thousands of dollars of advertising. The second new representative is chomping at the bit to get started.

My main problem right now is managing the limited staff and cash resources as the sales start coming in. The classic risk of rapidly growing businesses is a serious cash flow crunch. I have some 'emergency' credit resources that could be tapped in this situation, but must be certain we have the orders booked. Nevertheless, it is exhilerating and stressful, but in a good sort of way, as we prepare to add the additional resources required to keep the business running properly.

Once we have things somewhat stabilized, I'll do a more thorough evaluation, but I believe the key to our resurgence relates to the decisions made as things were not working so well. I always respected my limits -- when danger signs flashed, I did what I had to do when we reached the trip-wire point.

Eric's team took on their strong rivals in the hockey tournament finals and lost -- but only after battling the other team to a tie, and forcing an overtime period. Of course, they really won -- their skills have developed tremendously and in a relative sense, I think they are now the most improved team in the league.

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