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Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm taking a break from websites, insights and marketing ideas -- having produced a copious volume of material for our Canadian and North Carolina papers in the past two weeks, and integrated three new employees into our organization. As well, we must prepare for the major annual Canadian construction trade show in Toronto, Construct Canada, most of next week.

So, with a few moments to spare, I spent a while googling my past, and found this piece of student newspaper literature from January, 1979.

If you go to Page 7, you'll find where I formed my perceptions and insights as a young adult. I found employment as a sub-editor at a newspaper in Bulawayo, and stayed in the country through the end of the civil war and birth of the new Zimbabwe nation. Sadly, things have evolved just the way the racist whites predicted (though, no one should see that as a defence of racism -- if the whites hadn't fought so hard to preserve their privilege through military force and political power, the corrupt black warriors who eventually took control may never have assumed power and a more moderate, democratic government would have prevailed.)

It is ironic and impressive that the Intenet has brought to life material that would only otherwise be archieved in one dusty university library; to be seen only by the most determined and lucky scholars. Now, everything is there for everyone in the world to view.


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