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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Design and Construction Report published (Beta version)

The first issue of the online Design and Construction Report magazine.

Here's a sneak preview of the Design and Construction Report, published in conjunction with the Design and Construction Network.

It is our first online publication, arising from a group that is less than a year old, and formed through a community that sprouted from Washington, D.C. roots but is achieving international traction.

The magazine, while "published", is still a work in progress. I had hoped for more video images and components to create a multi-media publication, but we didn't have all the set-up materials as the launch deadline approached.

This of course isn't really a big problem in the online space. When we have the materials, we'll simply modify the magazine and reset some of the pages.

The magazine is designed to be read using either page turning software or can be read and downloaded for printing through conventional PDF files. We'll be able to print copies for people who wish a hard-copy version (though obviously the hyperlinks won't work from the printed version.)

Within a few days, the new Design and Construction Report website will be activated, in time for the group's next Washington, D.C. Happy Hour on June 30. I'll be there.

Update: 25 June -- Beta2 is online with first video embed and other improvements. The publication is taking shape!

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