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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Construction Marketing Ideas book

Read the Construction Marketing Ideas book reviews and sample the book at Google books (and within Amazon page view).  Then if you wish, you can purchase it from the bookseller of your choice or directly from the publisher.

Monday, July 12, 2010

To boston for SMPS and intensive construction marketing

This week, I'm heading to Boston, MA, for the annual Society for Marketing Professional Services Build Business Conference.

I'll be blogging extensively at the main Construction Marketing Ideas blog.

If you are at the conference and would like to connect with me, you can reach me at

Monday, July 05, 2010

How to create construction marketing value: Be first

One of the most fundamental principles in all types of marketing is:  "Be first to mind"  That is, the marketer who creates the first impression within the subject area or niche owns it, with relatively simple defensive measures.  You can certainly blow your first place lead, but you will have trouble losing if you use some common sense.

First does not necessarily mean best in the absolute sense.  The second or third to arrive on the scene, in the marketing sense at least, may have a superior product or service.  But (unless you are sloppy) they will always be beaten.  You can if necessary copy or emulate the "value" in the alternative services but they cannot copy or emulate your first-place marketing position.

In practice, how do you use this  basic marketing rule?  First, define your service or product so that your marketing statement is unique ("first") within the segment or community you wish to serve.  There may be dozens of roofing contractors, for example, in your area, but you ma be the first to offer free two hour emergency service regardless of conditions. (Of course, you actually need to be able to offer the service you claim, or you will run afoul of the authorities.)  You can of course define your service as "first" within a narrow geographical or demographic area.  ("First" in a certain neighbourhood, or "first" to provide complete estimates by IPhone.)

This is the first construction marketing blog.  I moved the actively maintained blog to with its own domain and hosting (and have put much useful and relevant content on it.)  But if you think I'm going to give up this space and URL, you don't appreciate the power of "first".  (Still you are most welcome to read my posting on how to blog effectively for the construction industry here, and I expect you will find value in the first Construction Marketing Ideas Webinar on Thursday, July 8.)