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Saturday, March 03, 2007

The value of time

Yesterday, I recalled and quickly reimplemented one of the simplest and easy-to-understand business management principals. It is this: Calculate the real value of your time, and only do things that are worth more than that value.

In this public blog, my real time value (that can be associated with an annual salary or, for this exercise, an hourly wage) is confidential. But I certainly know the number.

It's after hours, on the weekend, time to rest, and time to allow some activities that may not pay the same hourly wage as during the weekday. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize that what we should all be doing with our time is stuff we enjoy and (especially during work hours) is worth more than our current or if we are ambitious, projected salary.

Here is a sneak preview of the article on this topic that will be published (possibly with further editing changes) in the next Construction Marketing Ideas newsletter.

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