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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Social Networking: Revisiting facebook and linkedin

Today, after renewing a friendship with one of my university student newspaper colleagues (after about 30 years), I appreciated even more clearly the power of the new social networking sites such as and Yet I also realize while these are very important resources, you should not misconnect your perceptions of these resources with conventional marketing methodologies.

In essence, the web networking sites work effectively because of their built in screening systems; you really need a valid relationship with someone (or some group) to properly connect. You won't get far trying to spam your marketing message by broadcasting it across the network (though I see efforts, including the usual Multi-Level Marketing 'opportunity' gunk.)

The more I review these sites the more I realize they are simply able to help you within the framework of your traditional networking and connections; in other words, your friends and friends of friends may help you find leads and opportunities, but unless you have business there, you won't be overly warmly welcomed by just barging in. And I don't think these groups are substitutes for the appropriate trade and professional organizations, either peer or client based, especially ones with local chapters in your area like the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS).

Nevertheless, I am learning more as I discover these sites potential and I'll share further observations later (and certainly welcome your comments and suggestions on how to make use of these sites.)

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