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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Market participation

Public Relations consultant Ronn Torossian has his share of detractors (see, but in a recent blog entry he makes an excellent point that we can only really do our work well if we are connected and able to see our markets first-hand.

Obviously Torossian's markets are unlike ours, but his point about going out and 'seeing the town' is highly relevant, if put into the context of our own businesses and circumstances.

CEOs and executives, especially, need to avoid spending all our times in "our own businesses" and I certainly would agree that most specialists and managers need regular outward input into the marketplace. (Similarly, of course, if you use field sales reps and distributors, they should periodically visit home office to cross fertilize ideas).

So, while I don't think we need to drag your CEO to a hip-hop bar in NYC at 2 a.m., you need to realize that the market is out there, not in your office, and we all need to remove the filters and see things first hand.

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