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Monday, March 10, 2008

Chase's new blog

Chase, the director of client services for the Construction News and report Group of Companies, has started his own blog at

He checked with me in starting this blog though I'm sure some branding experts out there will question how companies should regulate/manage employee-operated blogs using the company's name and identity! As other employees set up their own blogs, are we going to have a mélange of discordant and confusing voices or (as I hope) a creative environment where ideas grow, share, and are adapted -- while respecting and encouraging the individual expression of each of the company's employees?

There's risk here, of course, which can possibly be mitigated by corporate style guides and blogging rules. (The danger of course is if you get too strict on these things, the blogs turn out totally bland, safe and boring.) But I think the offsetting advantage of increased client communication, respect, and freedom of expression among our staff makes the risk worthwhile. It will be interesting, of course; if Chase and I disagree on issues and strategies-- and that creates a new level of communication (in a highly public manner) as we work through our differences.

In any case, read on -- and notice the new hyperlink section for our employee operated blogs. Other employees may well decide to follow Chase's example. They certainly don't have to do this nor is it a priority. But subject to the common sense rules of good taste, legality, and appropriateness, I'll be happy to see these blogs and link them to my own blog home page.

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