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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Video broadcast test

So what is this, you say? I'm testing the ability to produce live video feeds. The service I'm using at present is, but I expect this type of service will be available from and other services within the year.

If I'm online live you can just click on the icon and reach my webcam. is currently a free service. It can be linked to mobile or fixed cameras. The basic system I'm using allows only one camera, and of course the camera I'm using isn't quite the broadcast quality of high definition television.

Will these resources be useful in marketing AEC services? Possibly. You might set up a webcam in your office, or at a significant job site, and invite people to take a peek. Comment functions within (see the bottom of this blog for an example) may allow some two-way interaction and communication.

While I certainly don't claim to be a high tech guru, I also appreciate this stuff is bleeding edge within the world of construction marketing. In other words, although we are now able to set up our own personal television stations, I don't think we are quite ready for prime time yet.

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