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Sunday, December 07, 2008


George Zarogiannis of Ecopainting Inc. in Toronto visited our booth at the Construct Canada/Home Builder and Reno Expo show on Friday. He has been masterful in using web/Internet marketing to develop his business and leads, and effectively define his market niche. (We first met on the forums, where he is an active and intelligent contributor.)

He also introduced me to a potentially extremely useful and inexpensive resource,, which may provide your business with answers to the question of how to develop a proper client relationship management (CRM) program without burning up your budgets.

Access for up to three users is free; monthly fees beyond that (or for more advanced functionality) are modest, and it has many tools and resources for lead and client tracking. This test form could link to an auto responder, mailing list resources, and the like. I won't replace my current patchwork of tools used to manage initial leads just yet, but certainly would put this service on the list for further consideration and use. I set up the form below in a matter of seconds. If you complete it, I'll send you an advance draft of my chapter on Networking and Association Participation in my upcoming book on Construction Marketing Ideas. (Please allow a few days for delivery.)

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