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Friday, December 26, 2008

The magic solution (maybe)

Bobby Darnell's recent blog entry, The Calm Before the Storm, is a reminder that you should be wary about anyone who promises quick fix solutions to your marketing challenges.

The bottom line is one does not suddenly become a successful marketer of their company any sooner than one decides to play golf in a manner that will impress a golf playing prospect. They both take time, skill and effort. He writes:

I was going to entitle this entry “Lose Weight! 30 Pounds In A Week, Guaranteed!”

It is pretty close to impossible to buy anything at a major grocery store without reading a similar headline near the check-out counter. Is it possible to lose 30 pounds in a week? Absolutely! I believe if I were to cut off my left leg, I would indeed be at least 30 pounds lighter but the repercussions would not be worth it.

The point is, there are no sure-fire, quick and long term ways to lose weight nor are there any sure-fire, quick and long term ways to build new business. For long term, successful and lasting results, they both take time and a steady effort.

I agree with Bobby, 80 per cent, but allow you the hope for some fast-acting answers if you have an established enthusiastic client base (multiple clients, not one or two dominating customers) and the ability/willingness to get in touch with your current and previous clients. In this case, some immediate communications may result in immediate work if you've done great work for them in the past (and thus, your brand is healthy). But you don't want to handle this stuff carelessly -- take your time to review your options, plan your strategy, and ensure you are on track before blasting away!

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