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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Construction Marketing Ideas video blog review

You can arrange a review of your own site/blog by visiting

Peter Ericson at The Complete Website, LLC offers free video critiques/reviews of your blog -- and I took him up on his offer. His report of the Construction Marketing Ideas blog is here.

Recovering from the pain of criticism (no one likes to be criticized, of course), I realize he makes some truly good points. I'm a writer (and publisher), not a blog designer. As well, this site is intentionally experimental, especially with advertising placements.

Ericson's offer is an intriguing example of the use of video and free consulting to promote his own services.

In the short term, I've adjusted some of the advertising spots, removing ones that are yielding low results.

I'm not sure if putting the navigation bar outlining the blog history/archives to the top of the sidebar is the best use of space. The links list can be better organized --some sort of categorization will be helpful, I think -- but that takes time and effort which will need to await a major rebuild in the future.

Ericson shows some examples of really well done blogs and this blog would probably benefit from a major redesign later.


Anonymous said...

Mark, thanks for removing Adsense from the top! :) I think your blog is much better because of that decision, and I agreed wholeheartedly with the reviewer about that issue. Good work.

Construction Marketing Ideas said...

Interestingly (it is only a few days), my Adsense revenue appears to be rising with the change. It is still petty cash but this shows that sometimes being a little more subtle helps.