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Saturday, March 21, 2009

In the news in the Soo

The successful adaptation of new convergence communications models is readily apparent in how two local businesses in Sault Ste. Marie received recognition as Ontario Construction Report Readers' Choice Award recipients.

Local Internet site sent a videographer to the sites where Northern Ontario Construction News Publisher Leslie Greenwood presented the awards to George Stone and Sons Ltd. and Ficmar Builders. She described how she felt both awkward and excited in front of the camera.

I expect I'll reset this post later today with an embed (though you can click on the pictures for the link to the Soo News page with the video).

This is a great example of how new media converges with old, and may provide powerful clues about your marketing. Multi-dimensional and multi-media approaches are now possible on truly low budgets; whether you wish the formal "television advertisement" or the less structured video interview/communication strategy.

Service costs have dropped so low (in many cases they are free) that you can experiment with the new communications models in your spare time, without draining a cent of your marketing budget (of course you may drain a lot of your time to make this stuff work).

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