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Friday, May 29, 2009

Great needs and great deeds: The spirit of effective Construction Marketing

Can you do great deeds to achieve great needs?

If so, you'll change the world.

"Sure," you might say, as you struggle to find enough business to feed your family (or yourself, for that matter), and you go through the daily routines and habits, good or bad, that define your current life.

Maybe, however, greatness isn't that far away. Little things can sometimes mean a lot, and small changes in your life and your perception of how to market and promote your business could result in big changes in your results.

Here are some thoughts to consider. Maybe your answers to these questions will provide you with clues about an effective marketing strategy.

What charitable, community service, or social services can you provide in your community that cost you little in time and effort, but capture the spirit and needs of the people around you?

What cause or issue matters to you the most -- that reaches to your heart and personal passion? Maybe it is health related, maybe poverty, maybe environmental or ecological.

If you could spend an hour a day for a year on a project or activity that would do good for others more than yourself, what would it be?

Think about your passions, your interests, your values -- and, yes, your time -- in answering this one.

In asking these questions, you may be tempted to think about existing community projects and services. For construction-related businesses, especially in the residential sector, you might gravitate to Habitat for Humanity. This is good, but in completing this exercise, I would like you to think more about what you think you have to give/share, and what you perceive is your community's greatest needs, regardless of whether it is directly relevant to your business.

Then, find a way to take a first step to implement the vision.

Share the story with your clients, your colleagues, and your suppliers. If it is a good idea, they will immediately offer to help. (If it is a great idea, and they don't immediately support you, you will have to persevere for a while on your own until they catch on. Don't give up.)

Email or call me as well. I'll help you with some free publicity, or advice on how you can achieve positive media publicity in your local market/media. This (for me) is one of my great deeds.

You'll make a difference. And, yes, when it comes time to finding clients for your service, you may just find a few more yeses for the same amount of marketing effort as you would get by pounding the pavement or spending thousands of dollars on advertising.

P.S. You can apply these principals on a business, rather than community, level as well. Just think about the needs of everyone you meet or connect with at networking and business events -- focusing on what they really require, and where you can help, without concern about "What's in it for me."

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