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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

You are an idiot

I received the following e-mail this morning (MB).

You are an idiot. Remove me from your sophmoric (spelling as sent by Arthur House/ed) trash!

You should attend my seminars - and maybe you should have attended my construction marketing classes at FIU (Florida International University/ed)

But you probably are not MBA material. What a bunch of crap you spew!


Arthur T. House


Seth Wishes to Withhold His Last Name for Fear of Getting "Arthured" said...

Wow. What a nice guy, huh? Boy, you gotta love the internet.

One thing though, Mark. You are a pro, right? A real pro would put this guy's name in the title of the post. And maybe the tags too? SEO, baby. ;) ha ha

This excessively critical, miserable dude will probably never learn that there is plenty of business out there for everyone. A unique individual providing a top notch service has absolutely no competition.

Stop whining, Arthur T. House. (Makes you wonder...does the "T" stand for "Troll"?)

The lesson? Be nice on the internet, or you will get burned eventually. Yikes.

John Poole said...

What a jerk. I certainly won't be enrolling at Florida International University. In fact, does that place even exist?

Construction Marketing Ideas said...

My outbound email which attracted this response hasn't been one of my stellar achievements, and as far as I can tell, Florida International University is legit.

However, readers can form their own opinions about the email referenced in this posting.

Hammer said...

I went to Arther T House site and without a doubt he has earned his MBA in Blah, Blah, Blah!

Major Bulls**t Artist