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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The best construction industry marketing blog: Update

With a Dec. 20 deadline for nominations for the best construction industry marketing blog competition, I haven't widely publicized the contest -- in fact, the only places this opportunity is referenced is here and at the "other" Construction Marketing Ideas Blog at

Nevertheless, we've received eight entries so far; and I think there will be many more in the weeks ahead.

Any legitimate blog serving and for the architectural, engineering and construction industry qualifies. "Legitimate" is somewhat subjective, but obviously if the blog is just a Search Engine Optimisation device designed to set up link-backs to your site, it does not qualify. You need to have original content, updated at least monthly, with enough entries to show consistency and continuity.

When nominations close Dec. 20, I will post all the entries with hyperlinks from the new Construction Marketing Ideas blogsite, and we will commence a month-long voting competition.

The more votes your blog wins, the more your chance of winning. You can invite friends and colleagues to vote -- the system will detect if you try to vote more than once from the same computer, so it will be hard for an individual to game the system by submitting many repeat votes.

We'll then elevate the finalists with publicity in the Design and Construction Report, additional hyperlinks and recognition.

To enter the competition, simply complete the form here. There of course is not cost to enter, and no fee for finalists/winners.

Please fill out this form.

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