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Monday, November 16, 2009

Digital media magic

Today, Design and Construction Network members will learn that the fall issue of the Design and Construction Report has been published. However, if you received my own newsletter, you would have learned about the publication on Friday.

Over the weekend, we made some improvements. One feature had a new story included, and I built in hyperlinks for several images to make it easier to navigate and use the publication. The work took about an hour to complete. As things progress, we can update and maintain the publication indefinitely.

This advantage also applies for the initial issue of the Design and Construction Report, which you can find by going to the small "archive" button on the bottom of the home page.

If you are an advertiser in the first issue, and your phone number changes, we can update your ad and put it online quickly. The online magazine format combines the readability and ease of use of conventional print media (you can easily print out copies on your office printer), with the flexibility and ease of change only possible in the online world.

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