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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Connecting with Spec Writers

Last night's CSC Ottawa Chapter meeting. The Subject -- EIFS Quality Assurance Program. Sure, the topic is dry, but what happens when your building leaks?

If you are a general contractor, sub-trade, building product manufacturer/distributor, or technology provider, I can think of few better places to connect than your local Construction Specifications Institute or Construction Specifications Canada chapters.


Who is most likely to know and have a sense of what is about to be built than the people who create the contract documentation for the project? And who will influence the choices of materials and technologies more than the people who tell everyone else down the chain what they must do to comply with the contract?

Of course, participation in your local specifications writers group is not a short term fix. You won't get far (or achieve meaningful results) by joining and pumping for leads. Rather, the knowledge and relationships you build over time will expand your connections and awareness of the industry and lead to the critical early understanding of what is happening, and where things are heading.

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