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Friday, February 18, 2011

Creating marketing value without giving away the store

This blog is free to read.  My book is not (unless you've done business with me and/or will help me sell many more copies.)

I don't expect you to provide a comprehensive, detailed and thoughtful "free estimate" on a major renovation or building project.  I expect you to be able to provide ballpark price ranges without playing the "what's your budget" game?

Why, then, do so many people in this business race like lemmings when someone advertises a job, crafting estimates, presentation materials and the like, when they don't have the slightest connection or history with the organization offering the work.  In these situations, you are behaving much like the unemployed (and perhaps unskilled) worker, scanning public job ads and firing off resumes -- maybe even thoughtful and careful ones -- for a temporary job, where the person who offers to work for the "lowest pay" gets it.

If you are in this mind-trap, you need to wake up.  Think of how your business might increase if you can induce/encourage and promote repeat and referral business (not just by relying passively on this sort of business to happen naturally) -- and you can price your work at a level which allows you a fair profit, not just to be the low bidder.

You can be generous in spirit and resourcefulness, but you don't need to give away the store to stay in business. Think marketing -- think smart.

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