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Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm in New York now, mid-day of the first of two days of this conference dedicated to the trends and issues of online advertising and marketing. The insights so far from speakers suggest that the online market is rapidly evolving, but is still very much at its infancy in its potential.

Of course most traditional marketing values apply within the online sector, enhanced with elements that transcend traditional practices. The most significant elements I think, are the rapidly growing inventory of places where ads can run, offset to some extent by the fact that traditional advertisers, seeing the return on investment in the online world is so high, are moving funds from the conventional media (thus decimating the economics of traditional media, especially daily newspapers).

From the construction industry's viewpoint, understanding online models, techniques, and methodologies will undoubtedly be increasingly important. the ability to track and measure results and fine-tune market segments to an incredible degree creates many opportunities -- but also many opportunities to get things wrong.

I will have more observations soon as I digest the speakers' comments and synthesize the 'bigger picture' in my mind.

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