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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Multimedia marketing

What Tyler, Texas has to do with multifacted marketing is somewhat beyond my comprehension, but this page has some rather useful tips and insights into trends affecting marketing choices and options.

We sell advertising (mostly in print) for a living. But to make the sale, we use a whole lot of other resources, including the phone, direct sales, trade shows, business lunches, email marketing, public relations, social networking sites, referrals, and more. Sometimes it can seem like a jumble, but indeed the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. And these experiences should, I believe, shape your marketing and promotional initiatives.
The goal of the different methodologies, of course, is to connect with potential and current clients -- and, by giving them a sense that we understand and relate to the industry and their marketing challenges, provide you with the confidence to assign us to your media planning budgets (or if you don't do media planning, which we recommend, your seat-of-the-pants gut feel "this is right" sensations.)
Today, I saw some great examples of how the combination of methodologies is bringing in new business for us. (Reflecting individual commercial confidentalities, I won't share the details here.) Regardless of the need for confidentiality, indeed the multi-faceted approach works, well. Best of all, if you organize things properly, you can recycle resources from one initiative to another; saving stress, reducing costs and magnifying your results.
How can you combine resources to achieve effective results, without spending much if any money? Say, as we did, you start a Facebook page for your business. Then you send an email to your list announcing the initiative. Maybe you could issue a news release to relevant print publications (ours?) None of these things costs you a cent, but you've leveraged the initiative three ways.
Then I took things a step further -- writing an article about social networking for the magazine of a U.S. national trade association, the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS). This enhances the leverage process. You will likely gain points by combining your trade/business with some community service initiative, or appropriate article/publicity about your own business and services.
The beauty of all these initiatives is they cost little if any money. Advertising in our newspapers isn't so inexpensive, of course, but that is where the other half of the picture comes in. When you do business with us you get more than the ad -- we'll work with you on low or no-cost resources and services to enhance your marketing effectiveness and results.

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