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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not much of a salesperson?

Forrest Castile, of Castile Construction in Eugene, Oregon, has started a fascinating and important thread on with this posting titled: Not much of a salesperson?

Ok, so it's getting clearer to me. I'm not much of a salesman. I've been busy and slowly expanding for the last 10 years, without much in the way of actually "selling" jobs. All referral work and clients who wanted to hire me. Not sure if it's the current economy, or if I've tapped out the pool I had, or if I'm screwing something up or what, but I'm getting calls, just not really selling (maybe 1/4 close ratio). What next?
1) Try some advertising? I'm in the yellow pages, and have a half azzed page-holder website that's not done yet- HELLO, GET IT DONE DUMMY!
2) Learn how to sell? This almost offends me, as I haven't had to even think about that 'til now. I used to get 90%. Without trying.
3) Spruce up the image? I drive older trucks and wear logo'ed t-shirts (usually clean), could use a haircut.
4) Gotta run- I'll check back later...

Other forum members (myself included) have contributed responses, exploring the challenges of a contractor who has built a reputation for quality, to the extent (in good times) he never lacked work -- but with the changing environment, now needs to start selling. This thread is worthy reading for anyone wondering "where has all my business gone" and seeking practical and effective solutions.

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