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Friday, November 21, 2008

Returning to Washington

We published Washington Construction News from 2000 to 2005 -- and now, three years later, are preparing to resume publishing in the U.S. capital city.

A surprise --and much appreciated -- call from our former U.S. publisher, Chris Chapin, set the wheels in motion for this business restoration.

In the years we originally published in Washington, we did many things right, but some things wrong. Relationships and lasting connections with the community, alas, took second place to transactional selling. I didn't understand the importance of internal business controls, systems, meetings, and accountability.

You can go back to the very beginning of this blog (use the archives function) to learn more about what went wrong, and what turned things around.

We're hiring someone to work with Chris. You can live anywhere in the greater D.C. area -- job postings set the 'location' in Northern Virginia because Chris lives in one of the Maryland suburbs, but your talent is far more important than your street address. We'll pay a reasonable starting salary; your income potential will be in high five or low six figures (and if you are selected for the work, your likeliness of achieving this potential is high.) We can't relocate anyone, so you will need to live in the area to qualify, but direct sales or construction industry experience are far less important than your ability to do the work, which we will assess through a fair and comprehensive screening process.

Please feel free to email your resume to

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