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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Business planning and the real construction marketing world

Tomorrow we are holding our bi-annual plan review meeting. It will be an interesting session. Much has happened since our last get-together for the annual planning session in late October last year.

Much has also (thankfully) remained the same. People have come, people have gone, but the core employees are still with us -- though we had some painful lessons (and stresses) along the way.

One important note about planning, and planning meetings. If we had just sailed along and not modified our plan based on rapidly changing circumstances this winter, the business challenges we are dealing with now (and will discuss on Monday) would have been much greater (maybe graver).

Planning is not a once or twice-a-year process. You need to be able to respond, react, and innovate quickly -- and change course where required.

However the planning exercise is always useful: We could all see when things weren't working according to the original plan, so when we needed to make hard decisions along the way, we could do what we needed to do, and quickly.

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