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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Longshots, dreams and the switch to Wordpress

This morning, in preparing the blog entry, I discovered a temporary glitch in the server and could not access the site.

I decided to move over to Wordpress and the "other" Construction Marketing Ideas blog, and post there my story about how I decided to break the rules in submitting a proposal for a project without first ensuring I have a proper, developed relationship.

The Wordpress version of this blog now is on the first page of Google search rankings, and, as I learn how to use its functions, I can see how, long-term, it will be the primary place for this blog. I've set the Christmas/New Years period as the time that I will transition most postings to the new site -- I still have quite a bit of work to do on hyperlinks and other set-up.

Several commentators suggest that if you are establishing a business-related blog you should self-host on your own server (using Wordpress) rather than the free blog services like blogger, from the start. Otherwise, assuming your blog achieves some success, you will have trouble transitioning away -- because your long-earned search engine rankings might disappear in a flash.

My approach to this transition has been more gradual: Develop the new site, allow the search engine to "catch it", and ensure the content on the two sites does not duplicate in any way. In other words, effectively, I must write two totally distinct blogs on the same topic for a while.

I can do this, but doubt most people would have the time or energy. Best to start on Wordpress first, if you can.

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