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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seeking substance

This weekend, as I attended the Ottawa Renovations Show and reviewed galley proofs for the Construction Marketing Ideas book, I thought about what is most important to you. In the perfect world, you would like just the right number of "perfect"clients to appear on the scene, exactly when you want them to be there, without spending a cent of effort, time, or money on the process.

Sometimes this happens; work seems to fall into your lap without effort, and one of my book's themes is to explore how this happens, and how you can modify your circumstances to make these easy sales more likely and much more predictable.

But we need to get real here, and tomorrow I'll explore how to focus your priorities and efforts to achieve the best possible marketing results.

Of course you won't read these insights at this site -- as the Construction Marketing Ideas blog is now actively maintained at

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