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Friday, October 05, 2012

Networking with 120 super geniuses

Sometimes it is fun to stretch yourself beyond the probable.  Yesterday's posting described the value of associations and selfless contribution for your construction marketing initiatives.  However, what happens when you network with an association of 120 super-geniuses -- individuals with brains so powerful that their IQs are in the top 99.997th percentile, which equates to "1 in 30,000" (four standard deviations above the norm.

However, what would it be like to belong to an even more exclusive group -- where you would be in the top 99.999th percentile -- yes, one in a million?

Turns out, I spent four months in a tent traversing Africa with someone so bright he belongs to The Omega Society, which requires the 99.999th status.  He also is treasurer of The Prometheus Society representing the still extremely high, but not as extreme, 99.997th level.  (In case you are wondering, the well-known high intelligence society, Mensa, requires simply a 98 percentile status -- hardly a match for these super-genius groups.)

Now, the question is:  Could you present a question or business challenge to this super-intelligent group and, with the members' combined intellectual power (imagine 120 Einsteins in one association), discover answers that transcend the obvious?  An interesting question . . . one which I'm not sure how I can pose just yet.

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