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Monday, October 12, 2015

At our doorstep (2) -- The $10,000 note!

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WARNING:  Read client's comment re this contractor.  My posting refers to his marketing ability.  I have not been able to verify the quality of his work.

Editor's note:  In attempting to update the link to provide Rob Norton's comment (see his comment below), I somehow deleted the original version of this blog posting (and comments). I retrieved them through Google Cache, but the posting dates do not reflect the actual time, except for ones from Rob Norton, onwards.)


Construction Marketing Ideas said...

A reader emailed me with this observation:

"Good day,

As best as I can tell, you are the source of the Construction Marketing Ideas Blog? I hope I have the right people.

About a week ago, I was approached by a man claiming to be Rob Norton of R.J. Norton Residential Contracting. He was citing this webpage: as proof of his legitimacy. He turned out to be quite the scam artist. He worked the neighbourhood and talked a good game. Despite my better judgement, I hired him, frankly, because this webpage said nice things. I'll never make that mistake again. His work was sloppy. He borrowed my tools without my permission (asked my teenage son when I wasn't around) used them to work on a neighbour's house and then never returned them. The only reason I got them back is because I noticed them in the neighbour's yard. He hasn't finished the work and has since disappeared. The address and phone number he left me are bogus, so I can't find him. His hand-written note shtick might be charming, but in retrospect is extremely unprofessional. I will never again hire someone knocking on my door - too bad for the legitimate guys trying to make a living.

It would be really nice if you could change what you've posted on-line and reduce the chance of him scamming others based on your webpage."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I was scammed by this guy in August 2011. He came to my house with his little wagon with his girlfriend saying he was in the neighborhood doing some work on a house down the street and was just looking for other work while he waited for the cement to dry at the other house. He didnt have a car and left his equipment at my place overnight, he came back the next day, never did any of the work (other than knock parging off which took all of 5 minutes and that I was left to pick up), never returned my calls and showed up at 2PM the next day and took his wagon with the excuse that he was going to finish the work down the road and that he couldnt start my job today because it was going to rain.

Alarm bells were ringing the whole time I was talking with him about the contract he even gave me a quote.

He never completed any of the work.

Anonymous said...

IHot Rod Norton to work at my house and his work is magnificent definitely not sloppy and it has held on for the last 5 years unlike other pargingng contractor in that fall off in the one here the first winter of my neighbors purging fell off

Anonymous said...

This is Rob Norton,I have worked under the same business name for 11 years and these are the only complaint out of over 5000 plus job's.Its too bad people don have the same drive to inform others about a good quality job. Search the net and see for yourself. These are probably homeowners who did not want to pay for extra work to be done and expected me to do it. I am still a door to door sales man and one of the only guys who works all day and Wakes up without any work lined up,it helps when I can show a job I have done in the past on practically every street in town.