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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Going with the flow
Anyone who has enjoyed the life of a self employed person knows that things don't always work out as planned. Certainly my vision for today received a jolt at 9:00 pm last night when someone we thought would be coming in for testing looked promising, decided at the last minute that our opportunity wasn't for him. Achhh. We've been seeking candidates for two sales positions (with a reasonable base salary) for the last two months. We've received hundreds of resumes and initial applications, but we are selective -- the last thing we want to do is hire someone who is applying for work purely for the job and pay. (Of course we pay our employees fairly and well -- but competency, passion, and enjoyment of work are important as well.)
My mind whirred into action. No time for blog entries this morning -- despite yesterday's visits reaching (a still somewhat modest) record. I drafted an email to our Ottawa-area readership inviting people to let me know if they know someone who might be interested in the work; and discovered a potentially useful free website at this region's main community college. And I reviewed some additional resumes and questionnaires, and found a few candidates worthy of additional attention.
As the business day winds to a close, I feel much better -- we achieved progress on the recruitment front, and also got a lot done on other aspects of the business.
P.S. I expect to follow with additional discussions about Rob Norton and his handwritten note success story -- certainly, many readers of our bi-weekly newsletter expressed interest in the achievements outlined in the previous blog entry.

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