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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Small world, big world recently introduced an application which allows you to show on a world map where you have visited, lived, and wish to see. Thinking myself rather well traveled (especially to some truly arcane places in Africa) I thought I had spanned the globe in experience. But when you go to the map
you'll see that, indeed, I've only been to a fraction of the places on earth -- even in my favourite continent (outside of home base), Africa. (A few entries are invisible without great effort because they are indeed dots on the map, such as Singapore and Hong Kong.)
I write this posting to encourage you to put yourself in perspective. What do you know about other cultures, other lands, and other perspectives? Is this knowledge valuable in construction marketing? I would say 'yes', especially with the globalization of the economy, with migration and (especially in the U.S.) immigration issues of vital importance to the construction industry.

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