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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The four point program

This contractor on the Journal of Light Construction forum has devised a simple self-management system to ensure he always has enough business in the pipeline.

I firmly believe you need to spend some time every day getting new business. I have a Four Point System that works something like this:
1 Point for getting a lead, referral, an introduction to a decission maker
2 Points for getting an appointment to meet the decision maker
3 Points for meeting the decision maker face to face
4 Points for getting a commitment to close (a job)
I use any combination of the above to achieve four points for the day. So one meeting with decision maker and one referral is my point quota for the day.

I think this is the best self-management/discipline resource I've seen in a long time, and will see if I can learn more from the contractor about its application in practice.

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