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Thursday, February 21, 2008

The sensitive story

A challenging story about an Ottawa-area general contractor has made its way into the daily newspaper here, along with the local business weekly. So far, we have not reported on the story in Ottawa Construction News.
Generally, I find it challenging to write negative stories about individual businesses; but this file of course goes beyond an individual company as it affects the entire industry; its reputation, bonding processes, and the allegations about a variety of dubious and unethical practices.
Equally, we should not write a story on this type of sensitive topic unless we are confident of our facts, have documentation, and the time and resources to do it right. So we may 'pass' on the matter this month -- however, after interest has 'died down' in the daily press, we'll look into the issues raised by the controversy in greater depth in future issues
Here are relevant links to the published articles in The Ottawa Citizen and The Ottawa Business Journal, however.
Bankruptcy Trustees Left Picking up the Pieces (Ottawa Citizen)
ICI demise teaches hard lesson about trust in the trades (Ottawa Business Journal)
Roland Eid speaks out about ICI (Ottawa Business Journal)

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