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Monday, October 13, 2008

Ford Harding puts it succinctly in latest blog posting:

You will read advice in this blog and in other places about where to look for business in hard times. As good as this advice may be, work will be scarce and winning it will be hard. In a recession, rainmaking is composed of 80% grit, 15% empathy and 5% for everything else.
He says this time will test the mettle anyone in business development in the construction industry, and the challenge will be to maintain respect and support for your network, even as you struggle yourself.

I've already received some reports of people seizing up in fear; cancelling or withholding commitments, or stopping projects. My sixth sense is that much of the public works stuff will unfreeze sooner than later, as government funds are poured in to prop up the economy. The private sector, of course, is more uncertain, and if the work volume declines by just a few percentage points, the competition -- and price fights -- for the available work of course intensifies.

So, remember Ford Harding's perspective that Rainmaking is 80 per cent Grit.

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