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Monday, October 13, 2008

More construction marketing blogs . . .

Two years ago, the Construction Marketing Ideas blog had this space virtually to itself. In the last few weeks, however, several new blogs relevant to the theme have appeared. Tomorrow, in my visit to Nashville, I'll meet Seth Holdren, who started the Construction Marketing Blog. Last night, I checked and found two potentially relevant new entries, Contractor City Construction Business and Marketing Blog and (Construction Contractor Business and Marketing Blog). Both of course are 'on topic' so rate a permalink in the sidebar. says in its "about" reference:

Co­n­t­ra­ct­o­rLibra­­m f­o­cuses o­n­ t­he sp­ecia­l cha­llen­g­es f­a­cin­g­ t­he sma­ller co­n­st­ruct­io­n­ a­n­d buildin­g­ t­ra­des co­n­t­ra­ct­o­r.

Wi­thncr­e­asi­ng com­­pe­ti­ti­on and a dam­­pe­ni­ngconom­­i­c cli­m­­ate­, the­ sm­­alle­r­ contr­actor­ m­­u­st b­e­ ale­r­t and ni­m­­b­le­, r­e­ady­ to pou­nce­ on oppor­tu­ni­ti­e­s to i­ncr­e­ase­ le­ads, job­s, and pr­ofi­ts.

Contr­actor­Li­b­r­ar­y­.com­­ ai­m­­s to pr­ovi­de­ b­u­si­ne­ss and m­­ar­k­e­ti­ngnfor­m­­ati­on and i­de­as to gi­ve­ those­ sm­­alle­r­ contr­actor­s an e­x­tr­a e­dge­.


The blogs' ownership is somewhat disguised. No individual is associated with either blog, either directly on their sites, or on their whois pages. But something in common is readily apparent. Both sites share a common whois -- Referencing the (Artemus Hunt, Inc.) web page, you will find a simple image with the words "Product Management" with addresses in Oakland Park, FL, and Santa Cruz, CA.

My sixth sense is these sites are Search Engine Optimization initiatives. I'll contact the company referenced on the whois site for further information and will clarify when I receive additional information.

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