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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Writing the book

It is time, at last, for me to write a book on construction marketing. Like any first, this challenge is both daunting and somewhat scary; perhaps, you may say, surprising, since I've earned plenty of money through my adult life as a journalist and publisher, which suggests I should know what to do, and how.

But you may be in the same boat when it comes to your own business. You may be an excellent architect, trades person, engineer, or general contractor, but "marketing" is something outside your expertise, your comfort zone, your knowledge. You know it is a good thing to do, but how?

Your best answer: You seek out a coach, a consultant, a mentor, and you discipline yourself to learn what you need to know, and set a deadline to get it done.

Ironically, if you are doing your fundamental work well, marketing won't be a big stretch. You simply need to systematize your processes and build on models which induce and encourage word of mouth and repeat clients -- applying other techniques like advertising strategically to support these objectives. But if you've been conducting business the conventional way in the industry, these systems will seem distant and daunting to you. You are used to just "finding" business through references and repeat calls -- or going through the process of submitting bids or reading leads service data, and hoping something materializes.

Guess what -- you and I are in something of the same space right now; because I have just these challenges in writing the book. I 'should' know what I am doing here, but as I've never travelled down the book writing path, I am somewhat scared, somewhat confused, and very much aware that this project will need help and support to complete.

So, I've engaged Cindy Shearer as a coach. And you can help out, too, with your questions, comments, and observations. My goal: To have a draft ready for thorough editing and review by December, and the first copies printed by Feb 1, 2009. What are your marketing goals, and what resources will you use to achieve them?

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