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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Returning home, then . . .

Construction work continues on resorts and new high-end commercial projects in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. The question is how long this boom will continue, with the business implosion around the world. I suspect that Turks and Caicos developers found funds from a range of offshore investors (probably largely Canadians), taking advantage of the income tax free status of this British dependency.

The travel's done and it is back to 'regular work' tomorrow. Of course, self-employed people like me who really enjoy their work never take a vacation in the conventional sense. As well, perhaps just magnifying things a little, sometimes really big issues occur when I am thousands of miles away from the office. One of these matters -- of profound impact on the company's direction and strategic plans -- reached a critical point on Jan 2 and 3.

The public blog is rarely the right place to express internal business issues as they are developing, but in general, I'm satisfied we are handling things correctly. Openness, communication, transparency, and a regular meeting system help out tremendously.

While I must be oblique about the details here, the underlying issue is trust and the business brand. It is easy to pay lip service to integrity; but you must maintain sustainable and genuine respect for suppliers, employees and clients alike.

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