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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thinking about number one (and having fun, too)

Whenever you are selling or marketing construction-related products and services, you always need to remember that decisions about what and when to buy are made by people, not machines, and they are thinking of their own best interests.

This is basic stuff, of course, but if you are like many people in business, you forget this rule to your risk and peril. Yet, in asking you to think first of your current and potential clients in your marketing, you may be surprised to find that I recommend, instead, that you focus first on your own needs, interests and values.

Simply put, you can give the most and share most freely with others by doing what you enjoy doing the most.

Because you enjoy your work, you are less motivated or worried by the money (or lack of money) in your efforts; so you can sustain them in all economic conditions, and be patient while the results eventually occur. and the people you are working with and helping appreciate your sincerity -- you aren't forcing the issue to be helpful.

How does this work in practice?

Simply determine the two or three interests/activities that give you the most pleasure, and build most of your marketing time and effort around them.

If you are a trades person and really enjoy certain aspects of your work, find a way to give some services to organizations or individuals who could use your support, who would be in our marketing orbit (a condo association, a community-non profit supported by other potential clients, or so on.)

If you really enjoy golfing, connect with the association representing your major clients, and allocate some time for the game with other golfing enthusiasts (among potential clients, of course.)

If you like writing and journalism, start a blog (hey, that's me!)

When you think things through, virtually all marketing wok involving significant time and effort on your part can be adapted to turn the process into pleasurable experiences for you and the people who you help. This is especially effective if you infuse these values throughout your organization and encourage your employees to think the same way. They start coming up with their own ideas which combine making their own work more enjoyable, and reaching out and connecting with current and potential clients. (And since your employees may have different interests, you reach different potential clients.)

In observing these ideas, consider who you would rather do business with: Someone who genuinely, passionately, enjoys their work, and is of generous spirit, or someone pounding the pavements and making cold calls because they have to do this work to survive?

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Anonymous said...

Nice insight. I learn a lot from you. Thank you for sharing it.