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Friday, September 11, 2009

How to attract referrals

This morning, as I prepared the daily upload of the upcoming Construction Marketing Ideas book chapters on Twitter, I reached the vitally important chapter providing ideas and advice on how to increase your referral volume. Because of its importance (and because I welcome your feedback to improve the final published version), I'll post the link here as well as on Twitter.

In reviewing the chapter, I referenced Bobby Darnell's system of finders fees, which he says has provided about 10 per cent of his business over the years. I first referenced this material last December, including a link to his Finders Fee document, which is also available at the Wordpress version of this blog (at

You may also find value in his latest blog posting at

His story shows the great danger of over (or more appropriately, inappropriately) qualifying your initial leads. Clearly, most businesses need a lead qualification system -- many readers of this blog, for example, request the free Art and Science of Publicity booklet (see the form on the right), but cannot directly benefit from our services (or we would be wrong in pushing people, especially owners of very small businesses, to pay for the service.) But this doesn't mean that we cannot treat all inquiries with respect and attention and I'll do my best to answer emails from everyone who inquires.

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