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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Marketing Engagement by Valerie Conyngham

Here's a blog, Marketing Engagement by Valerie Conyngham, that has been around for at least two years, is worthy of a Permalink, and for which I didn't know until Valerie commented on one of my postings a few days ago.

I started blogging in November of 2007. My blog serves as an outlet to explore marketing thoughts and problems that I encounter throughout my day. If you’d like to read my older posts, you can visit the blog where it all began by clicking here. And if you’re curious why I abandoned my first blog and moved here you can read the reasons here.
Will this blog move over to Wordpress, as well? Well, the domain is registered, and I have a Wordpress blog on that site -- useful, especially for file attachments and download references, which cannot be posted on the blogger site.

The problem is that this blog has so much Google juice now that a switch-over could be costly, indeed. The only solution is to generate daily postings (with different material) on both blogs -- and that is so much writing it scares me, but I'll break the rules this time and do it.

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