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Friday, August 31, 2012

Construction marketing in the U.S. -- Growing again

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Yesterday afternoon, we had a strategic planning conversation to explore how and when to return to the U.S. marketplace.  Although the details need to be confidential for now, the plan is simple in its vision, risk-profile and impressive in its execution speed. The ideas are not "mine" -- but reflect collaborative intelligence.

It is fun to grow.

For a while in the early part of  the last decade, without structure, business management systems, and a true sensitivity to the clients actually paying the bills, we had a seemingly thriving U.S. business, at one time operating in five cities.  I gained plenty of experience in flying around but didn't know what I was doing, ultimately surviving a near-death business experience in 2005-2006.  (The recovery inflection point is reflected in this blog's creation.)

We thought we were ready to return to the U.S. in 2008.  Yeah, just in time for the economic crisis and crash.  Basing our projections on sales and purported profitability in 2007, we expanded rapidly, incurring significant additional costs just as the economy tanked and everything froze.  Wham . . . another, brutal retrenchment.

This time around, the expansion plans will be much more cautious and thoughtful, especially to avoid fixed costs and building on experience, business systems and new technologies.  We'll be respectful in our markets, thoughtful in budgets, and responsive to current and potential clients.

If you would like to learn more about these growth plans and perhaps participate (with compensation), just complete this form.  I promise we won't bug you -- and you can easily take your name off the list if you don't want to hear any more.

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