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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The introvert's problem with construction marketing social media

social media book cover

I admit a paradox here -- I've written an e-book about social media, and certainly apply the concepts to some extent, but (this is a rather direct admission), don't "like" social media that much because, well, I'm not that social.

Some people enjoy the give and take of one-on-one and social group exchange, of chit chat, of interaction between individuals and groups of individuals.  I prefer a good book or a computer screen where interaction is between "man and machine" rather than with any real person at the other end of the line.

Pretty anti-social, eh.  Well, if we go back many years, I had rather serious social functioning issues because of extreme introversion.  Lots of hours of group therapy, coupled with some single-minded drive to achieve excellence in my chosen career -- journalism -- helped me reach the stage where I could function in the real world.

But interacting in constant Twitter feeds -- posting pictures and responding day-by-day to Facebook postings, living within Google+ circles, well, these don't provide the satisfaction of blogging, where the words can flow and, heck, if you read them, great, if you respond, okay, but the initial blog communication is definitely one-way.

I certainly appreciate the limitations here.  Sometimes even inward-looking introverts need to reach out, to communicate, and to share.  The best approach for those of us who prefer to be alone always isto do our best to think about others' real needs and share and give as much as we can, without worrying about return.

Thanks to the readers who have pointed out areas where the social media book can be improved.  If you've requested your free copy (deadline Friday, Aug. 3), please point out typos, inconsistencies, missed information, anything you would like to see improved.    The result will be a much-improved book on the Aug. 15 official launch date.  Follow as well

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