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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to (really) win a pitch (2)

Joey Asher in his book, How to Win A Pitch, outlines five fundamental points. Here they are:
(I'm stretching copyright but don't think he will mind me repeating this page:)

Fundamental number one: Make sure your presentation focuses on one thing: your prospect's needs. No one cares about your firm's history. Your prospect only cares about how you will help them solve their business problems.

Fundamental number two: Keep your message simple Most presentations are too complex and try to make too many points. Your message will stand out if it's simple and disciplined.

Fundamental number three: Show passion. Most presenters speak with a boring "serious" business voice. You will separate yourself if your voice and face show that you really want this job. Be intense. Be passionate.

Fundamental number four: Make the presentation as interactive as possible. Interaction allows the prospect to get a true sense of who you really are. That separates you from the competition.

Fundamental number five: Rehearse. One of the best ways to show that you really care is to come in well practiced. It's always apparent to the prospect who has researched the most. That is another separator.

Execute these fundamentals every time you deliver a pitch and you'll win more than your fair share of presentations.
Here, I'll disagree slightly with Asher. You won't win "more than your fair share" of presentations -- you'll win your presentations because you deserve to win them.

In an email overnight, Asher wrote:
Hi Mark.

Thanks for the great review! and I completely agree with your take on presentations in the AEC market. I'm going to do my best to drive people to your site. I want everyone reading your review!

BTW. The book is going to be available on Amazon in May. The official release date to the book trade is May 19. It's available now at
Asher also can be followed on Twitter at I'm at:

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