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Friday, March 13, 2009

Yesterday, Sebastien Lessard of, a website/portal to facilitate marketing for new home builders and renovators in Ottawa,sent me this email:

Moving forward, we feel that print advertising will continue to play an important role in any marketing strategy but that media groups will have to position it as a complementary solution to on-line advertising services. Until that day arrives, we hope NHA can provide our print partners with additional visibility by featuring their publications to our users, as they can leverage our targeted audience in their sales pitch to sell their print product.
. . .I want to personally thank you for the great blog that you write. You've inspired me to continually reflect on the strategy and direction our business should and could take by sharing your experience and insight on successful business philosophies. What I've retained most of your writing is "make sure your services represent the solutions your clients need". I always thought our service was doing exactly that but my message or presentation was not clear. I've racked my brain for a long time to figure out how I could convey this message and it finally hit me after seeing one of your post on the use of videos for communication strategies.

I'm happy to say that because of this post, NHA is introducing a service to builders we'll call "Virtual Guided Tours". I realized that I enjoyed having the opportunity of seeing and hearing videos instead of reading, and that I probably wasn't the only one who felt this way. So, will be presenting to their users "virtual guided tours" of models homes from all our builder members. THese videos will feature the sales representatives guiding the viewer through a tour of model homes. NHA staff will shoot these videos at no cost to the builders and present them on and in its "FACEBOOK" group. Builders can also export these videos from our site directly to their own website. THe big kicker is that viewers will also have the ability of "chatting" with that sales representative while viewing the video on We'll literally be bringing the model homes to the home buyers. Because traffic on our site in rapidly increasing while traffic in sales centers is decreasing, NHA offers the "solution" to remedy this problem for builders.

Your posts inspired this solution and that's why I thank you again!
Sebastien has harnessed the power of business alliances and multi-media marketing to build his effective website and service. His observations of how you can introduce video into your marketing picture are worthy of review. Anyone can do simple video productions these days, and if you wish to go to more professional standards, you can use services such as highlighted in a previous posting.

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