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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

What really defines the "best construction blog"?

This evening, I received an email questioning the validity of the Best Construction Blog competition. The writer told me, essentially, that the blogs which won aren't really that good and by setting them as an example, others might think these reflect the best achievements possible.

Of course, the Best Construction Blog competition more accurately reflects the blogger's ability to network and encourage supporting votes; in essence, to prove success at marketing/sales. Since the competition is set within the framework of the Construction Marketing Ideas blog, these results (from this perspective) then have some validity.

However, the email writer has a point: If the objective is to measure the blog that truly achieves a business's marketing goals, then maybe we need another judging methodology.

Then again, there is the story of the Change Order Boat . . . Over the years, the posting you can access by clicking on the image has been one of the most popular ones on this blog. And if you think of marketing folly (if the boat owner really cares about marketing), you would have to give the Boat story an A+ for absurdity.

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Paul Lesieur said...

Remodel Crazy was founded 8 months ago by 3 friends from another popular forum. None of us had experience in writing and no clue as to how you build a forum. The beauty of the internet is you can Google tips and lessons on any subject, including how to build a blog/ forum site.

We have supported members and vendors, we have teaching webinars, review books on our industry and tackle provocative subjects. We are resolutely committed to breaking the rules and to have fun doing so.

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Paul Lesieur